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We believe it is important to teach parents about dance, as well as the students, so together we can make the dance experience a positive and exciting one for your child.  The following are a few facts and a few rules new dancers should know.


        To wear ballet shoes properly, you must pull the drawstring carefully so it only takes up gaps in the width of the shoe.  Do not pull this tightly or the back of the shoe will cut into the sensitive Achilles tendon causing pain and discomfort.  Once pulled, it is almost impossible to loosen a drawstring.  (This is why you can not purchase shoes too large and use the method of pulling the drawstring tightly to "make them fit") When properly fit, knot the strings, tie into a bow, then cut off excess string.  When you put on ballet slippers, tuck these bows into the front of the shoe.  (The bows are not designed for looks, but for a functioning fit system) Tucking in the bows allows for a professional streamline look, and for young dancers it assures class time will be spend dancing rather than tying bows time and again!

Unlike regular shoes, a correct fit for ballet slippers means the shoe fits like a "glove."  Because they are finished growing, adults would purchase a streamline fit for ballet slippers, however, since young dancers are still growing everyday, this would not be practical.  You will want to get a season's use out of the slipper and may wish to purchase them with a little room to grow, but do not purchase slippers with too much space at the toe or heel.  Often parents feel it's time to purchase new shoes just as the toes reach the boundaries of the foot - but the slippers are just beginning to fit correctly!  Only when the slipper is so tight that the toes can not lay flat and square on the floor will you need to purchase a new pair.  The soft leather will stretch and mold to the shape of the foot as your child wears them. 

Dancewear is designed to allow a student freedom of movement while allowing a teacher to see the lines and musculature of the body.  For these reasons simple styles work best, however, we also understand that each child has a unique personality and this is often displayed through the choice of clothes.  We ask you to chose your dancewear keeping in mind the ultimate goal of the dance lesson.  Maximum freedom of movement with nothing distracting!  You may wear any style or color of dance wear in the classes for children3-7, but chose with an eye towards simplicity.  Please wear tights.  For modesty sake, and for comfort in every activity, a dancers legs must be covered.  If your child does not like tights, consider a unitard or leggings.  Do not wear underwear under dance cloths.  For a streamline look, and ease of movement dance wear is designed to be worn independently. 

For tap shoes dancers need socks or dance tights.











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